Masih inget ga? Douwe Dabbert atau Paman Janggut?

Douwe Dabbert atau Paman Janggut yg sering kita baca di majalah BOBO saat kita masih kecil ini ada sedikit review yg sugwan kopas dari

Douwe Dabbert is a Dutch Comics series by artist Piet Wijn and scenarist Thomp Roep


Douwe Dabbert is a small gnome-like creature who goes through all sorts of strange adventures where he meets (often) supernatural beings. He has a magic backpack from which he can always conjure items that help him out of even the most perilous situations. For others, the backpack remains empty – except when Douwe gives permission to take something.

In total, 23 comic-book appeared starring Douwe. From 1975 until 2001, these stories were published as a sequel-story in the weekly magazine Donald Duck. Apart from the album stories, some shorter stories that never made it to a full album were printed in Donald Duck. Most of these stories were no longer than a few pages.

On his journeys, Douwe often encountered recurrent characters, such as DomoliPief en Kijfje – all three wizard apprentices who have appeared in six of his adventures. Another example is Wredulia, a mean witch who plays a part in two stories. Furthermore, there are Ludo Lafhart and Knudde, two clumsy crooks who appear in three stories. In several of his stories, he had a dodo as a companion.

The last story was partially drawn by Dick Matena, due to Piet Wijn’s health problems.


  1. De verwende prinses (1977) (The spoiled princess)
  2. Het verborgen dierenrijk (1977) (The secret animal kingdom)
  3. De valse heelmeester (1978) (The deceitful healer)
  4. De poort naar oost (1978) (The gate to the east)
  5. Het monster van het Mistmeer (1979) (The monster of the Fog Lake)
  6. De schacht naar noord (1979) (The passage to the north)
  7. De weg naar west (1980) (The road to the west)
  8. De zee naar zuid (1981) (The sea to the south)
  9. Florijn de flierefluiter (1982) (Florijn the loafer)
  10. De tanden van Casius Gaius (1983) (The teeth of Casius Gaius)
  11. Het flodderwerk van Pief (1984) – (The messy work of Pief)
  12. De laatste plager (1985) (The last teaser), includes a Christmas story
  13. De heksen van eergisteren (1986) (The witches of the day before yesterday)
  14. Op het spoor van kwade zaken (1988) (On the trail of evil things), short stories
  15. Het bedrog van Balthasar (1990) (The deceit of Balthasar)
  16. De dame in de lijst (1991) (The lady in the frame)
  17. Bombasto met het boze oog (1992) (Bombasto and the evil eye), short stories
  18. De kast met duizend deuren (1993) The closet with a thousand doors), with a short story within story
  19. Het schip van ijs (1994) (The ship made of ice)
  20. De zwarte kimono (1995) (The black Kimono)
  21. Het gemaskerde opperhoofd (1996) (The masked chieftain)
  22. Terug naar het verborgen dierenrijk (1997) (Back to the secret animal kingdom)
  23. De wonderlijke raamvertelling (2001) (The amazing frame story), two adventures in one story

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